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Rodent fighter with peanut flavour
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(Русский) Фильтр-пакетики с приманкой по 10,0 г, которые вкладывают в пакеты из пленки полимерной массой по 200 г.
(Русский) Препарат применяют для уничтожения мышей и крыс на фермах, в животноводческих помещениях


Homogeneous  doughy  mass  without foreign  mechanical  admixtures,  blue  or  redcolor  (depending on feedstock used) with a specific odor ofmixtured components.


Brodifacoum- anticoagulant poison of the new generation, which in case of hit into the rodents organism violates the formation of vitamin K1, with the participation of which prothrombin complex proteins are produced. Eating poisonous bait, rodents  receive  a  lethal  dose  during  1-2  days.  One  day after the use of lethal dose brodifacoum level of blood clotting of rodents slows suddenly, and increase penetrance of vessels causes death of the body from bleeding. Death of rodents occurs after 3-7 days.


The drug is used for destruction of mice  and  rats  on  farms,  livestock  buildings  (pigsties, barns,  calf  houses,  poultry  houses,  sheep  houses, house barns) in case of prevention of animals access to decomposed baits. In pigsties – in case of keeping pigs in closed stalls; in barns – in case of keeping cows on a leash; in calf houses – in case of keeping calves in cages or on a leash; in poultry houses – in case of keeping  poultry  in  cages;  in  sheep  houses  –  in  case of keeping sheep in cages; in housebarns – in case of keeping horses in stalls. The drug is used in premises of agricultural organizations and institutions, as well as in warehouses,  slaughterhouses,  milk  collecting  stations. Rodents eat the bait and die during (3-7) days, without any suspicion of other individuals.


Filter bags of the drug (without opening) decompose with help of tweezers, rubber gloves or plastic spoon (avoid touching to the filter bags by hands because smell scares rodents) in shelters on special or adapted for this pieces of cardboard, polyethylene at the rate of 1 bag for each mouse (2-3) bags f for each rat rodent in areas of occurrence near the holes, on their path along the walls. Decompose filter bags with drug through (2-10) m depending on the type and number of rodents. In case of large number of rodents it is necessary on time add drug, preventing its full eating. Stop decompose filter bags of drug when they stay in place of decomposition not damaged, so they were not eaten by rodents. Rodents death starts after (3-4) days. The final effect is calculated after 3-4 weeks.


Do not use the drug in places of storage of animal feed and food. Contraindicated application indoors and in areas where possible free access of animals or poultry to the drug.


In case of carrying out of planned disinfestation on the territory prevent presence of pets, unauthorized persons, especially children. Decompose drug is eligible to personnel or other persons who have been instructed for working with this toxic chemicals. All works with drug carry out in overalls, decompose baits with drug with the help of rubber gloves, tweezers, plastic spoons. Do not allow hitting of the drug on the skin, mucous membranes, inside.  In  case  of  skin  contamination  by  drug  thoroughly wash the place with soap and water, in case of hit of the drug in the stomach – seek medical advice. The remains of uneaten drug packaging, rodent corpses recovere in accordance with applicable instructions for disinfestation.


Store in closed premises available only to persons responsible for storage. The drug is stored in a dry, dark, well ventilated room on the shelves at temperature from 0°C to 30°C. Do not store together with food and animal feeds.

Expiration date – 2 years from date of manufacture.