Deratization means
Shach i mat Mix


Toblerone with cheese aroma 150 g


-100% effective formula

-home protection

-outside protection


Brodifacoum – 0,005% , mixture of food constituent, flavoring materials, bitterness.


Household use is possible (residential and non-residential premises and surrounding areas).


The product is laid out with a scoop on pieces of cardboard or polyethylene in a small amount: for mice control: 6-8pcs, for rats control: 10-12pcs. The product is constantly added, preventing its total eating. Mice and rats are attracted with the help of special product’s components and die in 3-7 days.

Safety measures

Lay out the product with the help of pair of pincers or rubber gloves. In the case of skin contact, what it with soap and water. Antidotes: vitamin К.


Dry, dark, childproof place at temperature from 0 tо 30 °С and relative humidity n.e. 85%. Store apart from food products.

Shelf life is 3 years.