Deratization means
Mosquitoes killer
Release Type:
Solution in glass and / or polymer vials of 50, 250 ml and 5 liters
The product is used to combat flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, moths) and creeping insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, bugs and ticks)

(agent against creepy and fly insects)

Description.  waterbase capsule suspension.


100 ml of the drug contain the active substance:

cypermethrin – 9 g.

Clinical pharmacology

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid used for the control of ectoparasites which infest cattle, sheep, poultry and some companion animals. There are in progress investigations into the use of the compound to control sea-lice infestations in farmed fish. However Cypermethrin is toxic to aquatic life and it is important to avoid contamination of surface waters.

The aqueous solution contains millions of microcapsules in suspension (1 to 2 million microcapsules per ml) containing the active insecticidal ingredient.

Microencapsulation increases the duration of insecticidal action, regulates the action, which no longer depends on the treated support (PH, porosity …), climatic conditions or brightness. Microcapsules are transported by insects and contaminate the colony during contact.

10% of the active substance is enough for the extraordinary reactive effect of pest control. 90% of the active substance is contained in microcapsules for a residual effect of pest control for up to six months.

The onset of the biocidal effect occurs a few minutes after application.


The product is used to control fly (mosquitoes, flies, moths) and creepy insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, bedbugs and ticks) in public and amenity premises (offices, shops, canteens, hospitals, restaurants, food factories, museums, cinemas etc.), military facilities, ships and garbage storage facilities.


To protect 100 m², dissolve 25 ml of the drug in 1 liter of water and actually spray only 20 m². Use the drug in insect swarm places.

Cockroaches: all hot, humid or dark places those are conducive to the spread of cockroaches.

Mites and fleas: on carpets, at the bedside of pets, in the broom cabinet and in all cleaning devices that contact with pests.

Mosquitoes: near light sources, under beds, along the plinth, on household appliances, on curtains and drapes.

Flies: near the window and door.

House spider: cracks, crevices, around the windows.

Food and clothes moth: spray around and inside the cabinet, door frames, doors and drawers after removing food and fabric (wait thorough drying before filling the cabinet, do not add food in the places of direct contact with treated surfaces)

Dust mite: apply on carpets, mattresses and other fabrics in the house. Leave intact to dry for two or three hours. Cary out the test on a small hidden area before treatment.

It is used to treat cracks and crevices in food-handling areas, including canteens, restaurants, food factories and ship galleys.

It is used in domestic premises, including kitchens, for treatment of cracks and crevices. Do not apply to soft furniture, bedding or mattresses.

It is used for materials, transport and premises that contact with packaged food of plant or animal origin. It is used as a treatment agent for transport and premises used for storage and transportation of garbage.

Application frequency:

One direct application on insects or on their way. For preventive purposes: one treatment every 3 – 6 months.

If the treated surfaces are cleaned or exposed to weather conditions (entrances, terraces …): if necessary on carry out monthly treatment. 6 treatments per a year is maximum.

To stop the biocidal effect, clean the surfaces with a cleansing agent and hot water.

Period of use: all the year round.


Wear protective glasses

Avoid contact with the environment

In the case of accidental eye contact, rinse eyes gently with water for a few minutes and call a doctor.

Utilize container in special disposal areas.

How supplied

PE bottles per 10 ml, 50 ml and 250 ml in boxes


The drug is stored in a dry, dark, well-ventilated room at temperature from 4 ° C to 30 ° C. Do not store together with food, beverages, keep away from heating appliances and open flames.

Shelf life is 3 years.