Insecto-acaricidal agents
Insectoacaricide collar Burdi ECO for cats, 33 sm
Type of drug:


Esterised oil: 8%

Additional substances: 92%.

  • Effective repellent
  • Prolonged action
  • Fresh smell
  • Waterproof

Prevent and control appearance of fleas and mites.


Take collar from pack and fix on animal’s neck with the help of buckle, leaving free space between neck and collar. It uses collar of 33 sm long for cats. If it left excessive collar, just cut it. Change collar every 2 months. In the case of strong damage or to reach more prolonged action, collar can be changed every month.


Store apart from food products, drinking, feeds, out of the reach of children, in protected from sunlight place at temperature from  5 °С tо 25 °С.
Shelf life –
2 years.