Sterile solutions for infusion
Novocain solution 2%

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Sterile clear colorless solution.


2% solution of novocaine has local anesthetic action, moderately reduces the excitability of the cerebral cortex, restructuring autonomic innervation. Therapeutic effect of novocaine begins through 15-25 minutes after application and lasts more than 48 hours. Through interoreceptors novocaine affects on body’s metabolism, reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, improves the synthesis of folic acid.


As a local anesthetic agent for anesthesia  in  surgery;  for  removal  of  intestinal  cramps  by  the way of blockades, as a drug of pathogenic therapy of various diseases.


The drug is injected intramuscularly and intravenously.

Doses and methods of injection, depend on the purpose of application (various types of conduction anesthesia, for venous anesthesia by Weaver and intradermal blockade or epidural blockade, etc.).

Maximum single doses per animal:

horses – 125 ml;

cattle – 100ml;

goats, sheep – 25 ml;

pigs – 35 ml;

dogs – 0.25 ml.

Beforeapplication novocaine solution should be heated to body temperature of the animal. Intravenously drug is injected slowly.


Hypersensitivity to novocaine.

The  product  is  not  compatible  with  tannin,  alkalies, oxidants, heavy metal salts, hexamethylene- tetramine (methenamine), sulfonamides.


Do not exceed maximum doses! Intravenous injection of drug in maximum doses causes



Store in a dry, dark place, inaccessible to children at temperature from 5°C to 25°C.

Expiration date of the drug – 3 years.


100 ml contains active substance: novocaine – 1 g


Glass ampoules 5, 10, 20 ml or glass bottles, closed with a rubber stopper under an aluminum cap 50, 100 and 200 ml.