Intrauterine devices

(for EXPORT sales)

How supplied: 1 tablets in polyethylene bags; 1 bag is 10 g.
Round cylindrical yellow-green tablets
1 tablet (10 g) contains:
Furasolidone – 0,6 g;
nistatine – 3600000 I.U.;
metronidazole – 0,3.
Clinical pharmacology
The product has wide range of antimicrobial action. It is active against most of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, including streptococci, staphylococci, Escherichia, Salmonella, protozoaires and Candida albicans.
Apply for treatment of cattle’s metritis after obstructed and pathological labours, retention of placenta, acute post-partum catarrhal, septic and chronic endometritis, Caesarian operation.
Before application, carry out sanitary disposal of genital organs and tailhead. Tablets are applied through cervical canal into its cavity with the help of aural forceps or by hand in polyethylene glove of single use. In the case of high dryness of uterus, increase amount of intrauterine liquid by intrauterine application of 150 — 200 sm3 of sterile sodium chloride for normal foamability.
For prophylaxis apply the product twice spaced 48 hours per 2 tablets.
For treatment apply the product every 24 hours not less than three times per 2 — 4 tablets till recuperation.
Pregnancy, hyper sensibility to nistatine, metronidazole and furasolidone.
Withdrawal period
Meat – 3 days
Milk – 3 days
How supplied
Polyethylene bags per 1 tablets (10 g).
Dry dark place at temperature from 5 °С tо 25 °С.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store apart from food products, beverages and animal feeds.
Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date.
For veterinary use only!