Means against flies

(Русский) Гранулы светло-коричневого цвета.

Release Type:
(Русский) Полиэтиленовые или стеклянные флаконы по 6, 60 г, полиэтиленовые упаковки или контейнеры по 60, 100, 400 г.
(Русский) полученного раствора достаточно для обработки помещений общей площадью 160 м2.


1g of agent contains active substances: acetamiprid – 10 mg, (substance  of  the nicotinoids group) and 0,05% tricosen (pheromonе, that attracts flies)


Plastic or glass bottles – 6 g, poly­ethylene packagings or containers – 60, 400 g

DESCRIPTION. Granules of light brown color.

PHARMACOLOGIC ACTION. Tiametoxam interacts as an antagonist with receptor proteins of nico­tinic acetylcholine receptors on postsynaptic membrane of nerve cells, that, eventually leads to the death of flies.

Thus, the mechanism of action different from that of oth­er insecticides. At the same time tiametoksam can con­trol the number of insects resistant to organophosphorus pesticides, carbamates and pyrethroids.

The active substance is present in the given insecticide reveals toxic effect at the case of ingestion and in case of contact with external coverings (substance penetrates through the surface of the body of the insect).

This insecticide designed for combating with flies flying in areas where animals are kept and in public places and warehouses. Insecticide can also be used for combating with small flying insects and cockroaches.

APPLICATION. This insecticide designed to combat with flies flying in areas where animals are kept and in public places and warehouses. Muhostop agent should be used in such places of an insects congestion like warm walls, the walls of the solar side, window frames, supports, parts of fences, pipes, etc. The agent is also effective for combating fleas and cockroaches.

DOSAGE. The agent should be used as a solution for application or spraying of surfaces.

Application on surfaces:

Preparation of the solution: in a separate container solution  400 g of Muhostop in 320 ml of cool water. Stir thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous solution .

Method of treatment: the obtained solution  is sufficient for general treatment of 160 m2. The solution should be ap­plied at least for 30 fragments of surface sized 10×30 cm2.

In places where there is not enough suitable for treat­ment surfaces, or where it is not desirable because of the possibility of slight change of color of surfaces, the agent should be put on strips of cardboard or polythene tape and hang them in a rooom. Expiration date: 6-8 weeks.

Spraying of surfaces.

Preparation of the solution: in a container of the appa­ratus suspend  400 g of Muhostop in 3,2 l of cool water, stir thoroughly.

Method of treatment: the obtained solution n is sufficient for general treatment of 80 m2.

To the actual spraying should be subjected about 30% of the surface. Expiration date: 4-6 weeks.


PRECAUTIONS. At the time of the treatment rooms should be exempt from animals. The room can be used again after drying sprayed surfaces. Do not treat the sur­face, which will contact with food or feed. Do not treat feeders and drinking bowls and surfaces that can lick animals. In pigsty spray at a height above 1.5 m, and in barns – above 2 m. Do not respire the agent. After full completion of the treatment wash hands and all parts of body that contact with the solution, and change clothes.

STORAGE. Store away from food, feed and stimulants. Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture. Store at temperatures from -10°C to +30°C. After the dissolution use for 6-8 hours.

Expiration date – 5 years from the date of manufacture