Musya cat mix feed
Release Type:
Paper bags 10 kg

The feed is manufactured on modern high-performance equipment, using top-grade certified raw materials, adopted by leading veterinarians.

Product’s type:

Musya feed is a favorite cat food, because it has an exelent attractive aroma and it is free of artificial flavors. It consists of a large number of proteins, needed for normal growth and development of young animals, a large number of other no less important nutritional chemicals, vitamins and microelements, providing good accessibility, activization of metabolism, improving of general health, fur cover, bones and general animal health.

Composition: fish, chicken and beef derivative products, cereals, animal fats, sunflowerseed oil, vitamin ans mineral premixes, conservant, antioxidant.

Feed nutrient indexes:

Proteins % fats % Carbohydrates %      CF % Minerals % Water


Mix 30 15 37 n.l. > 3 3,6 n.l. > 10



The product is fed in the dose, depending on animal bwg.

During product application, give 3 times more drink some water.

Daily diet, indicated in the table, must be devided per several courses:

Animal bwg (kg)  Feed amount (g/day) 
2  40-50
3 50-60
4 70-80
5 90-100
Pregnant and lactating 120-200


Dry place, protected from daylight, at temperature from -3 ° tо + 25 ° С and relative humidity not more than 75%.

Shelf is 6 months