Musya cat fish feed

The feed is made on the most modern foreign equipment, using high quality certified raw materials, approved by leading veterinarians. "Mousse's Feed" is a favorite feed for cats, because it has an unsurpassed flavor attractive to animals without the use of artificial flavors. It contains a large amount of protein necessary for normal growth and development of young and active animals, as well as no less important other nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for good digestion, metabolism, skin and hair, bones, general health animals

Release Type:
Paper bags 10 kg

The feed is manufactured on modern high-performance equipment, using top-grade certified raw materials, adopted by leading veterinarians.

Product’s type:

Musya feed is a favorite cat food, because it has an exelent attractive aroma and it is free of artificial flavors. It consists of a large number of proteins, needed for normal growth and development of young animals, a large number of other no less important nutritional chemicals, vitamins and microelements, providing good accessibility, activization of metabolism, improving of general health, fur cover, bones and general animal health.

Composition: fish derivative products, cereals, animal fats, sunflowerseed oil, vitamin ans mineral premixes, conservant, antioxidant.

Feed nutrient indexes:

Proteins % fats % Carbohydrates %      CF % Minerals % Water


Fish 25 15 37 n.l. > 5 3,6 n.l. > 10



The product is fed in the dose, depending on animal bwg.

During product application, give 3 times more drink some water.

Daily diet, indicated in the table, must be devided per several courses:

Animal bwg (kg)  Feed amount (g/day) 
2  40-50
3 50-60
4 70-80
5 90-100
Pregnant and lactating 120-200


Dry place, protected from daylight, at temperature from -3 ° tо + 25 ° С and relative humidity not more than 75%.

Shelf is 6 months.