HOBBY MILL Hovorun Millet for young shell parakeets
Release Type:
Boxes made of cardboard, bags of polymer materials, of 600 g.


Yellow millet, red millet, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, feed chalk, oats, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, a carton with vitamin-mineral supplement.

The feed contains vital proteins, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids (lyzin, methionine, tryptophane), vitamins (А, В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, В12, С, D3, Е, К3, РР), macro- and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, cobalt, selenium). The feed recipe developed by leading veterinary experts together with specialists-ornithologists, taking into account the long-term domestic and international experience of rational feeding fancy birds.

Recommendations for use and dosage

We provide you a balanced feed, which is a mixture of selection of grains with vitamin and mineral supplements, providing 100% of nestling parrots needs for nutrients, vitamins, macro- and microelements. But considering the fact that parrots kept in captivity and do not have access to other products, do not forget to put in the cage of your pets fresh, washed vegetables and fruits. They contain ferments that help break down complex organic compounds into digestible forms, as well as diversify the diet of of parrots, improve appetite and gives energy.

The feed package should be carefully shake before use. Daily feed intake for one parrot contains about 5 g (0.5 of tablespoons).

For better digestion of feed helpful to use the sand as bedding parrots ingest grains of sand that help to grind solid food grain in muscular ventricle.

Because it is impossible to enrich the grain with a cover (the bird peels the cover with applied vitamins), we add separately all the necessary vitamins and minerals to dissolve in drinking water. Vitamin and mineral supplement dissolves completely in water and gives it the color. For the correct dosage add the additive to the drinking water once a day in the amount of 100-200 mg (pinch) per 1 drinking-bowl (50-100 ml of water). Change the water at least 1 time per day (to avoid intestinal infections). Unsolder the additive should for 5 days with an interval of 5 days.

Feed was tested by its quality in the laboratory and does not contain toxins, fungi, bacteria, pestocides, herbicides, radionuclides, is safe and useful for the birds.

Dosage form

Carton boxes or polymer packages, multiwall paper bag of 500 g.


Dry, protected from direct sunlight place at the temperature from 0° to 30 °С and relative air humidity not higher than 75%.

Expiration date – 1 year from the date of manufacture.