Koktsyhard 12%

Granules of light brown color with a specific smell.

Release Type:
Polyethylene bags of 100, 500, 1000 g. Polyethylene bags of 25 kg.
Prevention and treatment of coccidiosis caused by eimeria


100 g of the drug contains the active sub­stance: sodium salinomycin – 12 g.


Polyethylene bags of 100, 500, 1000 g. Polyethylene bags of 25 kg.


DESCRIPTION. Granules of light brown color with a specific smell.

PHARMACOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS. АТС-vet QP51A, drugs against protozoan infections.

Sodium salinomycin – polyether ionophore antibiotic. Getting into the biological membrane of coccidia en­hances permeability of sodium and potassium ions, Na + activates the-pump and thus increases the supply of Na +. This hinders the participation of potassium and so­dium in metabolic processes, leads to the accumulation of large amounts of water in the cells, causing permanent end of coccidia schizont.

APPLICATION. Prevention and treatment of coccidiosis caused by eimeria:

broiler chickens: Еасеrvulina, Е. brunetti, E, maxima, E. mitis, E. necatrix, E. Tenella;

goats (youngsters): Е. arloingi, E. Ninakohlyakimove;

rabbits: Е. intestinalis, E. magna, E. perforans, E. Flave­scens, E.stiedae.

DOSAGE. The drug is used with food for broiler chickens from the first days of life, youngsters of goats and rabbits after weaning from females (goats, doe rabbit ) at doses:

broiler chickens – 0,5 kg per ton of feed;

goats (youngsters) – 20,0 g per 100 kg of feed;

rabbits – 20-40 g per 100 kg of feed.

The drug is stopped to feed 5 days before slaughter.

To ensure complete dispersion of the drug with food, it should first be mixed with a small amount of food, and then added to the whole feed.

CONTRAINDICATIONS. Do not apply simultaneously with other antiparasitic medicines. Do not use for ani­mals for 7 days before and after treatment with Tiamulin. Do not use for laying hens, turkeys, horses.

PRECAUTIONS. Before using the drug accurately cal­culate the required dose.

STORAGE. Keep away from the light and moisture at the temperature below 25°C.

SHELF-LIFE – 2 years from the date of manufac­ture. After the first opening of the package – 6 months