Clear Max

The anthelmintic preparation ClearMax (Clear Max) is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by skin parasites: fleas, lice, scabies and ixodid mites; larvae and adult nematodes, cestodes and some trematodes

Release Type:
Tablets No. 1 in polyethylene packaging.
Treatment and prevention of dogs for diseases caused by skin parasites


Clear Max anthelmintic agent is applied for treatment and prophylaxis of diseases, caused by skin parasites: fleas, lice, scabes and ixodidae; larvae and adult nematodes, cestodes and some trematodes

 Composition1 tablets contains APIs: praziquantelum — 50 мгivermectin — 2 мгlevamisolum HCL — 38 мг. Additional agents: lactose, CMC sodium salt, magnesium stearate, PVP К-30, chalk.

Clinical pharmacologyThe product has complex pharmacological properties of three components, providing wide spectrum of effect  against ecto- and endo-parasites,viz: praziquantelum slowdowns muscle intervention of cestodes and trematodes and disturbs membrane- capacity cell functions, causing their death; ivermectin strengthens  GABA-connection of nematodes, arachnids, insects and larvae of botflies with specific receptors on parasite’s , blocking parasite’s nerve endings and causing its  and death; levamisolum is effective immunopotentiator and provides formation  of high-ranking  postvaccinal immunity during vaccinating.

Application: treatment and prophylaxis of diseases, caused by skin parasites: fleas, lice, scabes and ixodidae; larvae and adult nematodes, cestodes and some trematodes, viz. ancylostomiasis (Ancylostoma caninum), dipylidiasis (Dipylidium caninum), dibothriocephaliosis (Diphyllobothrium latum, D. minus), toxocariasis (Toxocara canis, T. cati), toxascaridosis (Toxascaris leonina), trichocephaliasis (Trichuris vulpis и T.nutpia), taeniasis (Taenia hydatigena, T. multiceps), uncinariosis (Uncinaria stenocephala), opisthorchiasis (Opisthorchis tenuicolis, O.viverrini, O. sinensis), paragonimiasis (Paragonimus westermani), mesocestoidosis (Mesocestoides linattus, M litteratus, M. corti, M. petrovi ), dirofilariasis (Dirofilaria immitis, D. renens), echinococcosis (Echinococcus granulosus ma E. multilocularis) (adults ones only) and some other parasites.

Dosage: dogs — 1 tablet per 10 kg bwg. Tablets must be grained and mixed with one third of morning feed diet. As to young animals up to 1,5 years, indicated dose must be dichotomized and fed as to day range. In the case of demodicosis, apply product once more in 10-12 days. Apply at the same time drugs for disease-management therapy.

Contraindications: Do not apply to sheep dogs, Shetland sheepdogs, and puppies of 6 months.

Precautions: Do not apply doses higher then recommended ones. Apply the product only according to prescription of veterinarian.

How supplied: Tablets № 1 in polyethylene bags.

Storage: Dry dark place at temperature up to  + 25 ° С.

Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life is 3 years