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Finish glue traps for killing mice, rats and destructive insects

Rat glue with a bait


Water- and moisture-resistant


Composition. Polybutylene, rubber, oil.

Аpplication. Finish is a non-drying glue with an instant and long lasting effect, contains food additives to attract pests. It is non-toxic, moisture- and waterresistant. Finish glue is applied on cardboard, paper or other material. It is recommended to apply the product on a surface measuring at least 20×20 cm. A trap made so is fixed in places where mice, rats, and insects appear most often. The glue can also be used to protect fruit trees from crawling insects by applying it to the trunk in a circular strip 15 cm wide. In case of accidental contact with hands, clothes, various surfaces, the glue can be easily washed off with technical gasoline.

Form of the letter. Tubes of 130g inserted in a cardboard box.

Storage. Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children and pets.

Guaranteed shelf life is 5 years.