Fighter 6% for cats of 2,6 – 7,5 kg

Solution for external use in plastic tubes.

Release Type:
1 or 3 pieces of laminated tubes in a carton
For prophylaxis of piroplasmosis and dirofilariasis, the product is placed on during every month, starting a month before flight of disease’s carriers, viz. mosquitos and ixodic ticks, and finishing not earlier than in a month after fleas’ flight.


Solution for external use in plastic tubes.


1 ml of the product contains API:

selamectin — 60 mg;

Clinical pharmacology

Selamectin is semisynthetic ivermectin. Mode of action centers around activity changes of synaptic membranes’ chlorous meatus in nervous and muscular systems of most ectoparasites. Binding with specific receptors, it increases synaptic membranes’ permeability for chlor’s ions, causing blocking of electric activity of parasites’ nervous and muscle cells and, as a consequence, their paralysis and death. In mammals such receptors located only in central nervous system. Inasmuch as selamectin can penetrate through hematoencephalic barrier, it has high margin of safety and is safe for cats in recommended doses.

Selamectin provides wide range of systemic nematocidal, insecticidal and acaricidal actions and has larvicidal and ovocidal properties. The product is fast and fully absorbed into blood stream. Therapeutic concentrations of selamectin in blood are held at great length, providing parasites’ death and protection from reinvasion during a month.

Fipronil affects central nervous system of ectoparasites, having no impact on central nervous system of animals. Fipronil’s mode of action of invertebratas centers around the product’s suppression of chlor’s ions passing through GABA-dependent chlorous meatus, interrupting activity of nervous system Inasmuch as fipronil systematically blocks nervous system, nervous superexcitation and ectoparasites’ death are found.

After skin product application, fipronil is absorbed into skin and accumulated in epidermis, oil glands, hair follicle and gradually released, providing insectoacaricide action. Fipronil provides long action. After local application the product is extended over the whole surface of animal’s body during 24 hours.


Cats: prophylaxis and treatment of otoacariasis (Otodectes Cynotis), ancylostomiasis (Ancylostoma tubaeforme), toxocariasis (Тoxocara cati), invasions of blood-sucking lice (Felicola subrostratus), fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.) and ixodic ticks (Ixodes spp); prophylaxis of dirofilariasis (Dirofilaria immitis та Dirofilaria repens).


Apply product on dry skin in the following doses:


Cats, bwg kg Label’s color A dose per an animal, ml Concentration Tube’s nominal volume, ml
<2,5 Lilac 15 6% 0,25
2,6-7,5 Blue 45 6% 0,75
>7,5 It is necessary tubes’ combination at a rate of 6 mg/kg bwg


Fleas control

After product application fleas die and product’s ovocidal action blocking their life cycle and does not let to appear to new generation. Preventing invasion, product must be applied once a month during the whole season of fleas’ activity. Treatment of pregnant and lactating animals prevents fleas’ invasion in kittens and puppies up to seven-week old.

If applying as part of  therapy in the case of FAD, apply product spaced a month.

Prophylaxis of piroplasmosis and dirofilariasis

For prophylaxis of piroplasmosis and dirofilariasis, the product is placed on during every month, starting a month before flight of disease’s carriers, viz. mosquitos and ixodic ticks, and finishing not earlier than in a month after fleas’ flight. If month space between two product’s applications was overdone, apply the product immediately upon appropriate opportunity appears. This minimizes development possibility of adult dirofilariae. If another product was used for prophylaxis of dirofilariasis, apply the first product’s dose in a month after the last dose of a previous product.

Toxocariasis deworming

Animals from 6 weeks old and elder: single application.

Treatment of blood-sucking lice (cats, dogs)

Single application.

Otoacariasis application

Single application. It is advisable before treatment to clean auditory pathway from exudates and scabs. If necessary, repeat treatment in a month.

Treatment of ancylostomiasis

Single application.


Do not apply to animals before 6 weeks old.

Do not apply to exhausted and ill animals.


Use product only for external skin application. Do not apply on wet skin.

Do not wash animals during 2 hours after product application (to complete drying out).

Do not smoke and eat during product application.

Hold the product away from heat and fire sources.

Wash carefully hands with soap after animals’ proceeding. In the case of accidental eyes contact, wash eyes with running water and call an emergency.

After animals’ proceeding, do not have been in contact with them till the skin becomes dry on application site (nearby 30 minutes).

The product is toxic for fishes and aquatic organisms.

How supplied:

Single-use plastic tubes. Tubes differ from label’s color:

  • Tubes with lilac labels – 0,25 ml of 6% solution;
  • Tubes with blue labels  – 0,75 ml of 6% solution.

End-of-line packaging is carton box with velvet base.


Dry place at temperature from + 10°С to + 30°С.

Shelf life is 3 years from manufacturing rate.