Diklox solution

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1 ml contains active substance:

Diclazuril – 2.5 mg.

excipients – up to 1 ml.


Polymer bottles of 10 ml, 1 liter; cans of 5 liters.


DESCRIPTION. Transparent solution from light yellow to yellow.


Diclazuril is a chemical anticoccidial, a benzeneacetonitrile derivative – synthetic compound of the triazinone family. According to the anticoccidial properties of triazinones, diclazuril is active against intracellular development stages of coccidia, namely during schizogony and gametogony. After diclurazil treatment, the first- and second-generation schizonts show extensive degenerative changes which are characterised by the loss of internal structure, the appearance of many intracytoplasmic vacuoles and incomplete merogony. Ultrastructural findings indicate that diclazuril treatment primarily affects the normal differentiation of the respective endogenous stages during parasite development. This leads to complete degeneration of schizonts and gamonts.

The substance acts on all species of poultry eimeria (Eimeria acervulina, E. brunetti, Е. maxima, E. mitis, E. necatrix, E. tenella, E. adenoides, E. gallopavonis, Е. meleagrimitis, E. anseris, E. truncata and etc.), rab­bit eimeria (Е. flavescens, E. intestinalis, E. magna, E. perforans, E. stiedae and other), young cattle eimeria (Е. bovis, E. zuernii, E. ellipsoidalis, E. cylindrica), eimeria of young sheep and goats (Е. crandalis, E. оvinoidalis, E. arloingi, E. intricata, E. faurei), pigs eimeria (Isospora suis, E. suis, E. debliecki, E. scabra, E. perminuta). Diclazuril does not cumulate in organs and tissues of animals and does not caused negative consequences even after increas­ing the recommended dose in 25-50 times.

APPLICATION. Treatment and control of coccidio­sis in poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks), rabbits, young cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, caused by different types eimeria.

DOSAGE. Orally with food or drinking water in doses given in the table.

The preparation is given to poultry, rabbits, youngsters of cattle, of sheep, of goats undissolved together with feed through batcher or dissolve in water in proportion 1 liter of preparation to 10 liters of drinking water and give to drink. Carefully calculated  dose of preparation have to be  dissolved in a small amount of water (the prep­aration add to water, not vice-versa), after that solution add with water to obtain the   required  concentration. The preparation use as drench  to animals and poultry with drinking water during at least 12 hours a day. The prepa­ration must to be given to young pigs individually, orally with single dose.

CONTRAINDICATIONS. Do not use for animals with hypersensitivity to diclazuril. Do not mix or use simultaneously with any other anticoccidial. Do not use for female animals  during pregnancy and lactation, laying-hens and adult poultry.

PRECAUTIONS. Slaughter of poultry for human consumption is per­mitted after  5 days from  the last treatment. The slaughter  of  cattle, sheep, goats, rab­bits, pigs could be performed without restrictions STORAGE. Dry, dark place, away from children at the temperature from 5°C to 25°C. Do not store together with food, beverages and animal feed.

SHELF – LIFE – 2 years from the date of manufac­ture, after dissolving in water – 24 hours.