Sterile solutions for infusion
Caffeine-sodium benzoate 20%

DESCRIPTION. Sterile clear liquid.

PHARMACOLOGICAL  CHARACTERISTICS. Caffeine-sodium benzoate 20% solution for injection has exciting effect on the central nervous system of animals. It strengthens and regulates the processes of excitation in cerebral cortex, increases positive conditioned reflexes and  increases  motor  activity.  Stimulating  effect  of  caffeine leads to improved physical performance, reduction of fatigue and sleepiness. Effect of the drug depends on the dose and the type of higher nervous activity in animals. Large doses of the drug can lead to depletion of nerve cells. Under the influence of the drug is enhanced cardiac  activity,  diuresis,  increased  gas  exchange,  increased water and nitrogen metabolism.

APPLICATION. Caffeine-sodium benzoate 20% solution  for  injection  is  used  for  excitation  of  the  central nervous system in case of poisoning by toxins (drugs, sleeping substance), fatigue, muscle weakness in various  diseases.  Drug  is  prescribed  for  excitation  of  the cardiovascular system in case of cardiac weakness, decreased excitability and conduction in the heart, shock conditions. It is used in case of chronic myocarditis, myodystrophy, chronic myodegeneration, as vasodilators in case of spasm of cerebral vessels, heart. The drug is used for excitation of respiratory center in case of its oppression and weakening of breathing, in spastic condition of gastrointestinal tract muscles, maternity paresis of cows, fatigue, various diseases of toxic and infectious origin.

DOSAGE. The drug is used for subcutaneous injections at doses (in ml per animal):

horses, cattle – 10-25

pigs, sheep, goats – 2-7

dogs – 0,5-1,5

cats – 0,2-0,5

The volume of the dose and duration of use depends on the weight of the animal and course of disease. If necessary, is allowed injection 2-3 times with a 7-hour interval.

CONTRAINDICATIONS. Hyperexcitability,  malformations of the cardiovascular system.

PRECAUTIONS. At recommended doses, caffeine-sodium benzoate 20% solution for injection does not cause side effects and complications.

STORAGE. Store  in  a  dry  place  at  temperature  from 3°C to 25°C.

Expiration date – 3 yearsfrom manufacturing date.

Expiration date after first opening: 48 hours at temperature 3-12°C, avoid freezing.


1 ml of drug contains: caffeine – 87,4 mg; sodium benzoate – 112,6 mg; pyrogen-free water – up to 1 ml.


Glass ampoules 2 and 10 ml; glass bottles 10, 20, 50 or 100 ml