1 kg of feed additive contains active ingredients:

Silicon dioxide – 10%

magnesium dioxide – 0.05%

aluminum dioxide – 0.05%

Klinoptiolit to 100%



Preventing mycotoxin feed animals (mostly pigs and poultry) and recovery of animals after exposure to mycotoxins.


Adsor it makes to feed during its manufacture in the feed mill or in the ready-mixed feed or crushed grain forage before feeding animals and birds. The dose is determined by a specialist of veterinary medicine, depending on the intensity of the particular type of food contamination mycotoxin. The optimal dose (kg / t feed): low contamination – 0.5-1.0; medium – 1.2-2.0; a high level of contamination – 2.2-3.0. Simultaneous detection of two or more kinds of toxins in the parameters above their maximum allowable level, the above dose of the feed additive is increased by 0.5-1.0 kg.




Observe the applicable rules of bulk feed and feed additives. In applications Management should ensure proper mixing with the feed given dose by stepwise mixing.


The dry, dark place at a temperature of 25 ° C.

Shelf life – 1 year from the date of manufacture; in a mixture with the compound feed – 3 months.