NOVELTY- Ferolife + vit O.L.KAR

Ferolife + vit  O.L.KAR is used for cattle, horses, pigs and pet animals for the prevention and treatment of anemia, swollen piglets, hypovitaminosis, with disturbed mineral and protein metabolism, developmental depression, stress, appetite enhancement, as a remedial remedy therapy after diseases, injuries, heavy births, exhaustion, as well as intoxications. 

Main benefits of the drug:

– high biological activity

– activates oxidation-reduction reactions

– improves nonspecific resistance of an organism, normalizes water-salt and vitamin exchange

– stimulates processes of hematopoiesis, in combination with dextran iron enhances erythropoiesis

– normalizes and activates metabolism

– restores the protein content of the blood, the immune system, and also accelerates the growth of body weight.

Available in glass bottles of 100 ml.

An open vial may be stored for 12 days after opening.


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